Catering Services

  • Chef at home

    I can design a personalized menu to your taste to enjoy in your home in Madrid. I buy the ingredients, create the dishes, perform the service and leave everything collected and clean.

  • Catering

    You can choose me as a Chef in Madrid to enjoy catering for weddings, birthdays, communions, your company events, gourmet catering, etc.

  • Cooking courses at home

    I can teach you at home thanks to the home cooking courses I teach in Madrid, practicing with me and enjoying different culinary themes.

  • Gastronomic advice

    You can choose my Gastronomic Advisor services in Madrid to help you develop the coordination of your restaurant: start-up, training, letter, etc.

  • Home service

    We have a catering service at home.

  • Catering on boats and yachts

    I work in boats and yachts as a reference.

Elena Bueso

Elena Bueso, with a lightning career between Valencia, Seville and France, currently works as a freelance chef, performs various cooking demonstrations, as a personal chef organizing events and in the Kitchen Channel.

This young woman, born in Castellón, began as a kitchen assistant at the Sibaris Barcelona catering while she was studying at the Escola de Restauració i Hostalatge de Barcelona. During his stay in France, he was part of the catering Le Notre and the Tarte Tropezziene in Saint-Tropez. This is the first time that she participates in a gastronomic contest in which she tries to show her way of cooking that, as she herself describes, is stubborn and imaginative.

She is “the only woman with a cooking company and at the same time a private chef worldwide”